Robert Listokin, Professional Clarinetist, Former Faculty UNC School of the Arts

Philip delivered his part with dexterity…and when he played in octaves with Kammer during the Bozza, their sounds blended into a gorgeous, unearthly hybrid reed instrument.

Philip uses his air so freely and connects so directly to his musicality.

James CampbellClarinet Soloist and Professor of Music at Indiana University

“Thank YOU for an excellent performance, and one that our patrons really enjoyed.  It was great to meet you and work with you”  – Laurie Bailey, Librarian, Art, Music, & Recreation Department, San Diego Central Library, California”

“The audience members were enthusiastic and we received lots of positive feedback. If you’re ever in the area again, I’d be happy to have you perform here again.”  Stephen Wheeler, Mission Hills Library Branch Manager, San Diego, CA

“Extra kudos to your music director for EVITA. He is a keeper! I haven’t heard a clarinetist with that much sensitivity to phrasing and never did he falter in pitch.” – Lilly Wilkins, Flutist, Charleston, South Carolina

“The Mozart Clarinet Quintet was definitely the highlight of the concert. Bravo!” – Samuel Burns, violinist and Co-founder and president, Dock St. Communities

“I really enjoy your concerts and must let you know that your preparation really makes a difference. Most performers are not as stellar at communication and following through and I really appreciate your efforts!” – Katie Jayne, Activity Director, Bishop Gadsden Retirement Community

“Thanks for coming to Somerby of Mount Pleasant, the residents really enjoy listening to you!! You’re very talented :)” – Terri Caraviello Tanner

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