Residencies with Philip Lipton can last from 3 sessions to 22 sessions.  In residencies, students will create musical instruments from materials that they collect, and then compose and perform simple music.  We also have the possibility of composing musical stories that we will perform, thus making a literacy connection.  

In longer residencies, in coordination with teachers and their curriculum, Philip Lipton will create a residency using invented musical instruments to connect to other curricular areas.

 In a math-related residency, students will build pitched musical instruments that requires working with fractions to make exact measurements of the materials.  This residency would provide a hands on experience of the ways that fractions and ratios can be used in reality.

Philip Lipton addresses Cultural and Social Studies issues through the concept of resources.  Around the world, the same types of musical instruments can be found although variation is given by the diverse use of local resources.  If you want to build a flute in a tropical rain-forest area, you’ll probably use bamboo; in a riverine estuary, you’ll probably use clay.  By exploring the resources available to each culture we can learn more about how that culture lives, works, and plays.

And of course the science of sound and musical instruments have a direct connection to the larger world of physics through vibrations, waves, frequency, and much more.

Philip Lipton loves the opportunity to create a new and engaging residencies.  Contact Philip to get one suited to your needs!

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