The Kleztonians


Philip Lipton, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Aaron Firetag, Mandolin

Andrae Raffield, Violin

John Kennedy, Bass

Mathew Masie, Percussion

In 2016, Kahol Kadosh Beth Elohim synagogue started The Lowcountry Nosh Festival.  The one missing link for a Jewish Food and Music Festival like the Lowcountry Nosh in Charleston was a Klezmer Band.  With the Nosh in mind, band leader Philip Lipton set upon the task of creating The Kleztonians. The curious title of the group is a fusion of Charlestonian and Klezmer!  “Klezmer” is a Yiddish word which many know as Jewish folk music and in recent years has taken on an evolution of style.  We evolve the meaning of this word further by incorporating our jazz, funk and hip hop musical backgrounds. We have several years providing entertainment for Lowcountry Nosh, Chanukah in the Square and many more prestigious festivals and concert series.

2019 Lowcountry Nosh Festival