Look and Listen


Eurotrip for Clarinet and Loop Pedal – 2017 commission for the City of San Diego. Premiered as a part of the Influence of Benny Goodman summer tour.


Outworld Spiral, for soprano and bass clarinets – click to listen and check out the art exhibit!

2017 commission for the North Charleston Arts Festival exhibition City Block.  Collaboration with artist Fletcher III

Homage to Lorca, for unaccompanied solo clarinet attempts to create a surreal atmosphere reminiscent of Lorca’s work. Please contact me if you would like a copy of the music.

chamber music:


Timeless Song and Dance Bishop Gadsden Chapel, Resonant Art Chamber Series

Kangwoo Jin, Piano

Below is the quirky Choro Etude #2 by Heitor Villa Lobos.  In this work Brasilian Choro meets avant-garde composition.


Brahms Clarinet Trio, Daniel Lin Piano and Karen Yeh, Cello


Ludwig Spohr Clarinet Concerto #1, Jacob’s School of Music, Indiana University

The Influence of Benny Goodman Premiere

Bringing together both jazz and classical music side by side, Philip illustrates Goodman’s life-long desire to become a great classical clarinetist in as much as he was “the King of Swing”.  Philip premiered his work at the San Diego Central Library at their 2015 and continues to perform annually in both the Southeastern United States and in California.

The second half consists of Spanish flavored works: waltzes by Antonio Lauro, a Venezuelan composer and a spicy Flamenco piece by an American composer, Kenji Bunch.